Research Scientist at Berkeley Lab, California.

Applied Mathematics and Computational Research Division - Department of Applied Mathematics - Scalable Solvers Group

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
1 Cyclotron Road, MS 050A-3111
Berkeley, CA 94720, US




I am a Research Scientist in the Computational Research Division at Berkeley Lab and received my PhD in Engineering Science: Computer Science (2015) at KU Leuven from which I also hold Master degrees in Mathematical Engineering (2010) and in Archaeology (2011).

My main research fields are Applied Mathematics and Scientific Computing. My research interests range from numerical linear algebra and numerical software to quantum computing and quantum algorithms.

Research Interests

  • (Nonlinear) Eigenvalue Problems
  • Numerical Linear Algebra
  • Model Order Reduction
  • Numerical Software
  • Quantum Computing


  1. Y. ShenD. Camps, S. Darbha, A. Szasz, K. Klymko, D.B. Williams-Young, N.M. TubmanR. Van Beeumen
    Estimating eigenenergies from quantum dynamics: A unified noise-resilient measurement-driven approach
    arXiv:2306.01858, 2023
  2. E. KökcüD. Camps, L. Bassman Oftelie, W.A. de JongR. Van Beeumen, A.F. Kemper
    Algebraic compression of free fermionic quantum circuits: Particle creation, arbitrary lattices and controlled evolution
    arXiv:2303.09538, 2023
  3. R. Van BeeumenD. Camps, N. Mehta
    QCLAB++: Simulating quantum circuits on GPUs
    arXiv:2303.00123, 2023
  4. J. Balewski, M.G. Amankwah, R. Van BeeumenE.W. BethelT. PercianoD. Camps
    Quantum-parallel vectorized data encodings and computations on trapped-ions and transmons QPUs
    arXiv:2301.07841, 2023
  5. L. Bassman Oftelie, R. Van BeeumenD. CampsW.A. de Jong, M. Dupont
    Simulating dirty bosons on a quantum computer
    arXiv:2210.08386, 2022
  6. D. Camps, R. Van Beeumen
    FABLE: Fast approximate quantum circuits for block-encodings
    arXiv:2205.00081, 2022
  7. D. Camps, L. Lin, R. Van Beeumen, C. Yang
    Explicit quantum circuits for block encodings of certain sparse matrices
    arXiv:2203.10236, 2022




QCLAB is an object-oriented MATLAB toolbox for creating and representing quantum circuits.



QCLAB++ is an object-oriented, fully templated C++ package for creating and representing quantum circuits.



Fast Free Fermion Compiler (F3C) is a MATLAB toolbox for compiling time-evolution quantum circuits of spin Hamiltonians that can be mapped to free fermions.



Fast Free Fermion Compiler (F3C++) is a C++ package for compiling time-evolution quantum circuits of spin Hamiltonians that can be mapped to free fermions.